Introducing Neo4j PHP driver into Symfony ecosystem

At Pandawan Technology, we love challenges. We love solving complex problems, especially when it comes to deal with data. This is the reason why we naturally dived into Neo4j graph database solutionwhich belongs to NoSQL stores’ family — couple years ago and try to make tomorrow’s products for our clients.

Regarding the current ecosystem, we have, on a side, this incredible product which is Neo4j, recently — once more — highlighted in the Panama Papers documents exploit. On an other one, we have this awesome PHP driver created several years ago and still maintained as of today by Christophe Willemsen from GraphAware. But there was no existing Symfony integrated solution until… now!

The bundle is pretty straightforward and will let you use à la Symfony way your graph database client. You could find every answers to your questions on the PandawanTechnologyNeo4jBundle readme file. If it’s not the case, feel free to open an issue, make a pull request or simply contact me, I would be glad to give a hand.

You will also notice that the bundle relays on the graphaware/neo4j-php-client meaning that the brand new bolt protocol released recently support is available out of the box !

One more thing.

Loading Neo4j fixtures has also been eased with the creation of the neo4j-data-fixtures standalone library which ships with its related Symfony version, the PandawanTechnologyNeo4jFixturesBundle.
Both of them have strongly been inspired by the corresponding doctrine extensions, and, if you are already familiar with it, will allow you to be able to create fixtures in no time.

I hope you will make awesome stuff with it and I would like to thank Neo Technology’ team for its support (especially Nigel Small) and Christophe Willemsen for his long term work !